The staff of Ipsa Ratio undertakes to:

  • Make a professional analysis of your linguistic situation and offer a personalised learning solution
  • Define ambitious and realistic learning goals
  • Find solutions to help you maintain and develop the results obtained
Begoña Pascual Hormías

Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages at Salamanca University, I am passionate about languages; I have been involved in this sector for the last 28 years. In addition, I did Postgraduate studies in International Trade and Trade Negotiations.
28 years’ experience in language training and management for corporate clients. Expert on identifying the client company strategic, tactical and operational objectives, defining bespoke training strategies and plans.
CEO and Founder Ipsa Ratio, I am responsible for commercial development, the strategic plan of the company and the design and development of services.
I describe myself as somebody full of strength, dynamism and enthusiasm being extremely curious. I adapt easily, commit myself at a very high level to every task and project I am involved in, and luckily I am very used to managing people in time of crisis, when motivation, commitment and engagement are essential for a successful outcome.
This has taught me to achieve new challenges with a smile.
Good interpersonal skills, I like listening to and learning from true leaders.

Miguel Castillo Sánchez
Miguel José Castillo Sánchez has many years of experience as a development economist, including Marketing Mix for big commercial surfaces and catering industry. Expert advisor to new investments and support for development on companies creation. Financial management at Ipsa Ratio.

Ipsa Ratio is an actif member of :


AMUPEMA (Asociación de mujeres empresarias de Málaga)