Ipsa Ratio offers a wade assortment of training workshops that enable trainees to acquire specific knowledge and confidence in professional situations.

Development of communication skills

  • Intercultural competence in selling in Spanish.
  • Doing business in Spain.
  • Working effectively with Spaniards.
  • How to be assertive in Spanish.
  • Influencing & negotiating skills.
  • Intercultural encounters in Spain and Latin America.

Workshops on leisure & health issues

  • Workshops on leisure & health issues.
  • Spanish & Yoga.
  • Spanish for sportspeople.
  • Spanish & golf.
  • Spanish & sailing.

Professional wine and olive oil tasting

Presented by well-known experts oenologists and professional olive oil producers.

  • Professional wine tasting in Spanish.
  • Professional olive oil tasting in Spanish.

In addition Ipsa Ratio is also considering custom made workshops depending on customer requirements.