How are we different?

We like to listen to our clients.

We design unique communication actions and we integrate them into the strategy of companies through specific communication plans.

We produce a business and distribution strategy that is planned, managed and activated in a coordinated and coherent manner.

We create differential brand values that identify the DNA of each company.

We design a “Customer Experience”: experience as a value proposition.

We create content that is adapted to the needs of each organisation, with a practical approach, aligned with corporate philosophy.

The growing complexity of business today requires professionals who can manage creative and effective communication plans and who are able to identify and interpret socio-cultural and market trends.


Ipsa Ratio has created a new area of consulting services and specialised advice as a sign that we are strongly committed to this sector, which is strategic for the Spanish economy.

Fashion Lab wants to help fashion startups at each level of the value chain, from design and manufacturing to distribution.

Clients can have access to totally customised advice, support and training in any area of the fashion and textile industry:

  • We improve positioning and brand strength through our consulting services and customised training.
  • Design and product: we work to make your ideas come to life, turning your projects into commercially successful collections.
  • Sales processes: we design marketing and effective communication strategies to boost sales.
  • We carry out analysis and anticipate trends.
  • We design individual action plans aimed at achieving robust growth and profitability goals.
  • International growth plans: we see our clients through the entire process of international expansion. Analysis of markets, distributors and agents.
  • Analysis and definition of a more efficient organisational structure as the company grows.
  • Determining the key people within the organisational structure of the company.