As expert consultants:

  • We provide our clients with a complete and integrated strategic vision of the stages involved in the training process.
  • We define and design for them customised and highly differentiated training that can generate value opportunities.
  • Our objective is to provide truly specialised, international and transversal knowledge and core skills so that companies can maximise their effectiveness when establishing relationships and communicating with clients or peers, in a wide range of situations.


Our training programmes are totally customised to suit the specific needs of each client.

Thematic sessions are focused on a transfer of knowledge aimed at achieving excellence and can adopt different forms:

  • Specialisation workshops
  • Immersion training programmes
  • Business opportunities and seminars
  • Conferences

Courses are imparted in 5 different languages.



Beyond having a clear and coherent message, it is our communication skills and competences that really help us to adequately convey ideas. Professionally, this is relevant to reach agreements, and successful negotiations depend on it. Our methodology is eminently practical and participatory.

Programmes are imparted by a team of reputed and authoritative professionals, with solid backgrounds in communication.


Interculturality as a professional tool.

Working with other cultures offers countless benefits but it is also rife with pitfalls, especially when it comes to communication. It is important to address these issues if we want our relations to be effective.

What we offer

Ipsa Ratio wants to help you identify potential intercultural conflicts and show you how to avoid them, increasing the flow of productive communication.

We help you acquire the necessary skills so that professionals can integrate, communicate and achieve success in multicultural environments; we guide them along the way, providing them with the key tools to avoid the most frequent risks.