Begoña Pascual Hormías , CEO and founder at Ipsa Ratio

Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages at Salamanca University I have been involved in the linguistic and intercultural consultancy for the last 28 years.

28 years’ experience in training and management consulting for corporate clients. High level of specialization in the fashion and retail field thanks to successful collaborations over many years with companies such as the Inditex Group, LVMH Group, H & M, Cortefiel or Punto Fa.

CEO and Founder of Ipsa Ratio, I am responsible for commercial development, the strategic plan of the company and the design and development of services.

My know how: I am an expert in identifying the strategic, tactical and operational objectives of the client company, defining plans and strategies for action and training.

I am proud of my natural curiosity; the one that leads me to explore and cultivate myself constantly, and the one that has allowed me to learn as much from the successes as from the mistakes made.

My best bet: I adapt easily, commit myself at a very high level to every task and project I am involved in, and luckily I am used to managing people in time of crisis, when motivation, commitment and engagement are essential for a successful outcome.

I describe myself as a resolute, tenacious and restless person. These three adjectives have helped me to define more clearly the personal and professional goals to achieve.

IPSA RATIO has been organizing and managing company of FIBO 2019