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Begoña Pascual Hormías is founder and CEO of Ipsa ratio

I have a degree in Romance languages from Universidad de Salamanca. I then moved to France. I later moved back to Spain, where for many years I was involved in a language and intercultural consultancy in Madrid.

This 27-year trajectory, together with a curious spirit and restless nature have helped me obtain invaluable knowledge in all areas of the business.

I gained considerable experience in the Fashion & Retail sector, collaborating and learning from leading companies in the sector, like Inditex, LVMH, H&M, Punto-Fa, Cortefiel and others.

2016 was a year of reinvention for me, both personally and professionally. It was the perfect moment to create Ipsa Ratio, a project I am very passionate about, which was born as a response to a need for new value propositions in the business sector.

I feel comfortable designing and creating innovative projects that have a well-defined identity.


Encarnación abad barragán

I have a degree in History, I studied Fashion Design and I have more than 30 years of experience running companies in the fashion and retail sector. I am also a writer.

Because of my rich and varied professional trajectory, I can relate to consultancy projects with ambitious strategies and challenges.

I am methodical, persistent, enthusiastic and fully committed to each project, which is useful when designing business strategies.

Alejandro bocanegra

I am a London-born, Madrid-based graphic designer and brand consultant.

As a consultant I audit brands and offer them strategic advice in everything related to their visual identity, their vision and business models, focusing especially on intangibles, the most difficult part to understand when creating a brand and what ultimately ends up defining it. Finding the correct message, tone and voice for the brand, knowing what to do and what not to do, or detecting the right moment for a brand extension are not things that are easy to determine.

My work includes strategy, brand architecture, graphic design and communication.

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Fashion Industry Experiences

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